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The RhinoRock fence panel outer shell is constructed of a high performance concrete that is heavily fiber reinforced. The interior of panel is an expanded polystyrene foam core. The combination of the tough concrete shell and the foam core yields a panel that is strong, yet light weight. This unique structural design yields a panel that is 90% lighter than a typical concrete fence panel. Download Spec Sheet for more technical details. The RhinoRock concrete fence panel meets a 120 mph Exposure B and 100 mph exposure C International Building Code wind load requirement. Test results are based on worst case scenarios, where you have very long fences with no corners. In typical installations, the fence panel meets higher wind speeds. For details download the Engineering report below.

Note to architects and engineers: Specify only what is required for your site in regards to wind speed and exposure, as higher wind speeds and exposures will elevate the cost for the fence footing design.

Patented footing and column attachment details are available upon request. Send request to email at bottom of page.